See how useful informations you can find on this website to plan your wine tour in the French vineyards :: The Guide du Vignoble

The Guide du Vignoble is 100% dedicated to wine tourism. We do not sell wine because it's not our job! Other professionals such as winemakers themselves are the best placed to do so, and that's why our site invites you to visit them on their property. What about a wine tour to discover French wine, from vine to glass, along with the producers and other ambassadors of the wine region ?


What are the discovery activities of Vine and Vineyard on Guide du Vignoble?

The Guide du Vignoble offers a complete directory of fact sheets that match your tourist information requirements. Professionals reference themselves on the directy, thus guaranteeing a correct and updated source of information :
- Wineries, cooperatives

- Wine Schools

- Houses and wine museums

- The guide attendants through the vineyards

- Hiking activities in the vineyards

- Children's activities

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What is a wine restaurant on the Guide du Vignoble?

Restaurants are undoubtedly the true allies of winemakers. As they excel in matching their dishes perfectly with the regional wines, it is only natural that while sitting in a wine restaurant, you indulge your senses by tasting their wines. Guide du Vignoble has created a catalogue of wine restaurants to ensure you a great and enriching experience.
A wine restaurant is :

- A local restaurant

- A gourmet restaurant

- A host table at the winery

- A wine bar dinner


We ensure that these four types of wine restaurants meet the following standards:

- Quality cuisine

- A wine environment (surrounded by vineyards at the winery ...)

- Informative advice on wine and its compatability with the dishes (presence of a sommelier, the winemaker's personal advice if you are having lunch at his table ...)
- A good selection of local wines


Wine events (wine evenings, wine tasting courses, wine games / workshops...), wine by the glass and takeaway sales are also highlighted on the fact sheet of each institution.


  • Information on the restaurant’s environment

One, two or three grape clusters at the top of the restaurant's fact sheet informs you of its location:

- In a wine-growing zone

- Surrounded by vineyards

- Immersed at the winery

  • Information about the wine service

One, two or three sommeliers at the top of the restaurant's fact sheet informs you of the type of table service and wine advice to be expected:

- Proper advice and wine service

- Advanced advice and wine service

- Professional advice and wine service (sommelier. ..)

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Winemaker accomodation coming soon!



A search engine to find your custom activities


Example of a customised search:

While searching for a vineyard in the Menu “Visit the vineyards”, we allow you to select an activity, a restaurant type, and then refine your search depending on any constraints you my have, such as "Suitable for people with restricted mobility" in My stay +.

All of these functions allow you to quickly access a list of activities that are adapted for people with restricted mobility.


Complete and updated information

In order to provide correct information, a fact sheet is only useful if it is complete and up-to-date. We offer professional members of the Guide du Vignoble access to a pro area, allowing them to announce news and events related to their activities (new wines, their events, to edit their photos, videos).

The wine world is now open to tourism, and it is important to offer a guide that meets your needs. This is why we also display special icons to home i.e labels, classification marks and other information such as timetables, accepted payment methods, services and equipment.
We guarantee that you will enjoy planning your wine tour in France with the Guide du Vignoble !

A calendar of wine events

Calender of wine event: A calendar of events classified by wine region is available to assist you in planning your weekends. Keep up-to-date with the wineries open doors, do not miss the traditional festivals of Alsace or the sale of the Hospices de Beaune and don't forget to put on your walking shoes for hiking in the vineyards!