How to book?



On the "Packaged wine tour booking" menu, select a category or just an offer right from the suggested offers.

- Choose the offer that you want. You can see the details about the offer.

- Put the offer in your virtual cart by clicking on "Buy now"

- You can modify your cart by adding options suggested by the seller. Once in your cart, click on "Edit options" then select another option or modify our tour date, and end by clicking on "Update options". The option is then addded to the offer previously selected.
- You can either continue your shopping by adding new products in your virtual cart. The selected offer will stay in your cart.

Before booking, you can :
- change your quantities by indicating the desired quantity in "Qunatity" column, and by clicking on "Update cart"

- remove the offer from your cart by clicking on "Remove this product" - remove the cart by clicking on "Clear cart"

If you choose an offer that has no dates, you can indicate your desired date in your cart. The seller will see it in the email. You will manage the tour details directly with him right from the booking confirmation mail.
You can book by clicking on "Start booking"


1st step : LOGIN

You can log :

- by creating your personal account

- by entering your login and password if you previously created them on the Guide du Vignoble
2nd step : BILLING

Fill the billing form. Theses information will be sent to the seller by email right from the booking confirmation.
The seller will mention the payment type in its offer.


Have a look to the summary of your booking, so as the total amount of the offer.


After validating your booking, you receive the confirmation email with the offer detail, seller complete contact details so as the special and cancellation conditions.


 Right from the booking confirmation, you can get in touch with the seller to manage the tour details.